Jack Saul

The Missing Intern


It seems that not all members of the Chicago House expedition met an untimely end at the hands of Prof. Bollacher; one of the four interns, a man by the name of Jack Saul, is unaccounted for. Strangely, Mr. Saul’s belongings had been removed from the interns’ shared quarters…but by whom?

UPDATE (09/17/12):
In reality, Jack Saul was a mole sent by the theosophists to keep tabs on the Chicago House expedition. He reports to Carslile, who poses as his visiting fiancee from India. Currently, Saul is in a catatonic state after viewing a number of the “great green” in the New Crypt.

UPDATE (03/26/13):
While recuperating at the theosophist safehouse, Saul was tragically devoured by a shoggoth that seeped up through the sewers.

Jack Saul

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