Giovanni Merluzzo

Shadowy Mob Boss


With his long, greying hair and pale, watery-blue eyes, Merluzzo definitely does not fit the stereotypical description of a gangster. In addition, he seems to suffer from some skin problems – both pockmarks and rosacea are evident on his face and hands.


Not much is known of this mysterious underworld figure. Appointed as an underboss by Al Capone only a few months ago, Merluzzo quickly gained a foothold in southern Chicago, cornering the market on extortion, bootlegging, and prostitution. With the aid of his elite enforcers, he has blown away any opposition to his power, making him a feared figure among Shytown’s criminal element.

According to a note left by Anthony Stromboni, Merluzzo hired him to accompany the Chicago House expedition to Luxor in order to steal a bizarre stone statue. Merluzzo is holding Anthony’s sister, Helen, as collateral until the statue is delivered.

UPDATE (04/30/14):

Merluzzo made an appearance below the Twilight Lounge in order to block the investigators’ escape. Though he exhibited a mastery of magic, it was no match for the party’s superior firepower, and his criminal empire crumbled as his lifeless body fell to the stone floor.

Oddly enough, prior to his death, Merluzzo seemed to have a keen interest in collecting nautically-themed antiques. He was also the spitting image of a man in a 17th-century portrait found in his private collection.

Giovanni Merluzzo

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