Age of Cthulhu

Death in Luxor, Pt. 3 Synopsis

At the safehouse, the theosophist devotees explained what they knew of the situation: a great, cosmic evil was about to awaken in Luxor, and if it was allowed to do so, it would surely spell the end of mankind. The majority of their order was searching the Valley of the Kings for a hidden tomb where the something called the “Great Green” was imprisoned, but to no avail. Carslile and Saul had been tasked with finding more detailed directions at Medinet Habu, where they first ran into in the investigators.

One of Carslile’s crew, named Theo, explained that the carob sticks, oil, and incense were somehow required for a ritual designed to banish the Great Green, but Carslile was secretive and kept the specifics to herself. Ursula and Charlie went upstairs with the intention of interrogating Carslile, but this was cut short by a viscous, stinking mass of protoplasm oozing up out of a sewer grate and attacking the occupants of the safehouse. Carslile was freed and offered a small amount of magical assistance as the group escaped via motorcar and the rooftops. Not all survived, however; two unnamed theosophists and the unconscious Jack Saul fell prey to the horrible creature.

With no choice other than to press forward, the group drove to the Valley of the Kings. There, they discovered the theosophist camp in shambles, and some mutilated corpses. After retrieving a wooden box that contained more carob sticks, myrrh, and frankincense, the party navigated its way to an imposing doorway in a narrow canyon. Leaving Theo to guard the entrance, the investigators entered the tomb, which was filled with a burning, crimson miasma. The chambers in the tomb were small and mostly empty, but careful searching produced a silver censer on a chain, hieroglyphic instructions for banishing the creature, and a hidden passageway leading deeper into the mountain.

In the large hidden chamber, the group was confronted by a terrible sight: a massive stone disk set in the floor was barely containing some tentacled horror from clawing its way up into our world. Several in the room went mad from the sight of it, but all rushed to action. Tony ran to meet the creature head-on, his Tommy gun blazing, but was met only with “crushing” defeat. Ursula gestured at the monster with the carob sticks, but it seemed to have no effect. Meanwhile, gunshots heard from behind foreshadowed some other horror about to make an entrance. Things were not looking good.

However, the party’s fortune changed when Dr. McCoy burned incense in the censer, causing the beast’s tentacles to become disoriented and erratic. Ursula and Odelia, armed with the carob sticks, rushed forward and stabbed the foul appendages with impressive results – the limbs fell uselessly to the tomb floor. Though more of the reptilian creatures from Ramesses’ tomb joined the fray, Charlie, Woodhouse, Robert, and Carslile kept them at bay.

At this point, however, the magical defenses in the tomb finally gave out, and the Great Green began to clamber out of its subterranean prison. With only one shot at saving humanity from utter annihilation, Odelia lunged at the creature’s hideous face, stabbing it with the carob sticks and dooming it to another thousand years of imprisonment. Odelia herself was also lost to the darkness, and the temple began to collapse. Fighting back the few remaining creatures, those investigators living and sane enough to do so fled the temple just in time to avoid its complete destruction.

Outside, the night sky was calm and clear.



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