Helen "A Thousand Ships" Stromboni

Anthony's Sister


Though once lovely, her time spent in captivity with no light, food, or water has reduced her to a shell of her former self. With time, she may recover her original charm.


Though Anthony did not discuss his sister during the events in Luxor, his posthumous note made it clear that she was in danger – held captive by mob boss Giovanni Merluzzo, pending delivery of the statuette unearthed by Profs. Bollacher and Jameson.

Mark “The Line” Mulligan revealed that, during one of his stakeouts of the Twilight Lounge, he observed a beautiful young woman – possibly Helen – being taken forcibly into the building.

UPDATE (04/30/14):

The investigators found Helen confined to a dungeon cell deep below the Twilight Lounge. Having been deprived of food and water for several days (as well as subjected to any number of unknown horrors), the once lovely young lady has been reduced to a state of babbling insanity. She is currently under Doctor McCoy’s medical care.

Helen "A Thousand Ships" Stromboni

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