Miss Bethany Carslile

Theosophist Leader


Not much is presently known about this mysterious figure. One of the goons who attacked at the Winter Palace had a note instructing him to retrieve the statue before “C” arrived; when questioned, he inadvertently revealed that “C” was “Carslile”, and that he and his men weren’t on the best of terms with her. In addition, Rose Bollacher remembered hearing the name somewhere before, but wasn’t entirely sure where. Whether this Carslile is an ally or merely another enemy has yet to be seen.

UPDATE (09/17/12):
Bethany Carslile leads a small (and secret) group of theosophist devotees in the fight against cosmic evil. While her intentions are noble, she is ruthless in her actions (going so far as to abandon her “fiancee”, Jack Saul, in the New Crypt) and is more than a little dismissive of others. As a result, she is not well-respected by the other theosophists, and they gladly mutiny against her in favor of joining the investigators.

UPDATE (03/26/13):
Carslile was being interrogated by Ursula Downs and Charlie Frost when the shoggoth attacked, prompting the ladies to release her. Doing so proved beneficial, as she fought alongside the investigators during the battles with the shoggoth and the Great Green. Interestingly enough, she seems to have a modicum of control over eldritch magical forces.

Miss Bethany Carslile

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