Age of Cthulhu

Death in Luxor, Pt. 2 Synopsis

The next morning, the party left for Medinet Habu, the mortuary temple of Ramesses III. Upon arriving, they met with an old Persian named Abu, the leader of the native workers (in both a managerial and spiritual sense). The investigators weren’t the only ones meeting with the enigmatic Abu, however – the missing intern, Jack Saul, and his fiancée, Bethany Carslile, were also there, ostensibly seeking spiritual guidance.

After a brief conversation, the Old Persian summoned some workers to lead the party to the New Crypt. Saul and Carslile decided to tag along. After a half dozen men slid away the enormous stone block obstructing the tomb entrance, the investigators descended into the darkness. Inside, they found several cunning illusions designed to disorientate intruders, and a remarkable “map room” that seemed to indicate a location northwest of Luxor, somewhere in the Valley of the Kings.

Most importantly, the group found the original location of the keystone Bollacher and Jamison removed. The stone’s function, it would seem, was to block the flow of water from a large stone pipe in the tomb. Though the party replaced the plug, the large burial chamber through the adjoining doorway was already partially filled with water, submerging about a dozen stone sarcophagi in the process.

Opening one of the sarcophagi revealed a disturbing sight – a reptilian creature, the size of a man, desiccated and packed in rock salt. This proved too much for Jack Saul, who was already quite nervous; the man went catatonic upon viewing the hideous creature. Shortly thereafter, four of the creatures – living – emerged from the flooded portion of the tomb and attacked. Despite their monstrous appearance, they were still flesh and blood, and the party easily took care of them (with the help of Tony’s “Chicago typewriter”).

In the confusion, Carslile attempted to flee, but Charlie chased her down and forced her to spill the beans. As it turned out, Carslile and Saul were both part of a secret group of theosophists devoted to keeping the world safe from the horrors beyond time and space. There is an ancient evil awaking in Luxor, and the Old Persian and his men are part of a cult dedicated to making sure that said evil escapes its prison. She also informed the group that myrrh, frankincense, and carob wood were all necessary components in driving back the evil for another thousand years.

Despite having similar goals, Carslile refused to cooperate with the group; she believed that only she and her devotees were equipped to deal with the evil forces at work. Consequently, the investigators took her prisoner, and forced her to take them to her safehouse. There, after a psychic premonition from Odeilia, the group entered into a tense standoff with Carslile’s colleagues. After some skillful negotiation, though, the other theosophists were convinced to ally with the party, and a trussed-up Carslile was unceremoniously tossed into an upstairs bedroom.



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